IOD M01 - Dual Solenoid Air Cannon

Full picture of the IOD M01 Cannon

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45 degree elbow My IOD M01 design which is similar to Andy Gustafson's PAC4 but has a few modifications. My first modification was to reduce the ammount of stress points the high air pressure had to flow through after being fired. At the 2" T, I turned it at a 45 degree angle and added a 45 degree elbow to put the firing chamber parallel with the air chamber.



Fillup Adapter I also added a ball valve and air compressor hookup right above the second solenoid valve.




Electrical Firing System I went a little whacked out on the electrical firing system for the IOD M01. I have three rechargeable 9volt batteries which fire the solenoids when two monetary switches are pressed and the keylock switch is in the ON position.




Firing/Laser switches

Laser activated!

Laser attachment But thats just the beginning of it. The bottom switch (harder to press) triggers a 24v DPDT relay that not only activates the second switch, but also activates the 3v laser pointer attached to the cannon. When the laser dot is where you want it, you just press the second switch and KA-BLAM-O! "What there's more?" Yup, I also threw in a 25ft wired remote switch that can activate the laser and fire the cannon. Talk about the best of both worlds!



Now I do regret on skipping one of the items Andy includes on his PAC4. The item is the 1" union. In fact, before I was going to build my new IOD M02, I was going to add two unions to the IOD M01. Except I ended up blowing all the money for the IOD M01 on the new IOD M02. Oh well, I will probably fix it later ($8.00 fix).

Dual Solenoids The reason for wanting the unions is the ability of making the firing mechanism square and straight. I was having so much fun glueing everything together, that I ended up glueing the 2"x1" couplers into the 2" T's before I realized what I had done. Looking at this picture you will notice what I had to do to fix it. It was not pretty and took some muscle, while at the same time hopeing the pipe wouldn't snap.

Key: S = Solvent connection, T = Threaded connection.

Items needed for air and firing chamber:


4ft. 3" PVC pipe $4.58 1 $4.58 (Once I find out)
10ft. 2" PVC pipe $3.90 1 $3.90 Eagle Hardware
3" PVC Cap $4.05 1 $4.05 White W R Company
3" Coupler SxS $2.16 1 $2.16 Eagle Hardware
3"x2" Reducing Bushing SxS $2.06 1 $2.06 Eagle Hardware
2" PVC Tee SxSxS $0.99 2 $1.98 Eagle Hardware
2" Female Adapter SxT $0.52 1 $0.52 Eagle Hardware
2" Male Adapter SxT $0.54 1 $0.54 Eagle Hardware
2" PVC 45 ELL SxS $1.19 1 $1.19 Eagle Hardware
2 3/8" long, 1/4" wide metal rod $0.00 1 $0.00 Already had

Sub Total: $20.98

Items needed for firing mechanism:


2"x1" PVC Reducing Bushing SxT $1.16 4 $4.64 Eagle Hardware
1" PVC 90 ELL TxT $1.38 3 $4.14 Eagle Hardware
1"x3" PVC Nipple $0.42 7 $2.94 Eagle Hardware
1" Electric Inline Valve TxT $11.95 2 $23.90 Eagle Hardware
1" PVC Male Adapter SxT $0.46 1 $0.46 Eagle Hardware
1" TEE SxTxS $0.85 1 $0.85 Eagle Hardware
1"x1/2"x1" TEE SxTxS $0.00 1 $0.00 Eagle Hardware
1/2"x1/4" Galv Bushing $1.19 2 $2.38 Eagle Hardware
1"x1/2" PVC Bushing SxT $0.31 1 $0.31 Eagle Hardware
1/2"x2 Galv Nipple $0.36 1 $0.36 Eagle Hardware
1/2" Ball Valve $4.89 1 $4.89 Eagle Hardware
5PC Brass Couplers 1/4 $4.99 1 $4.99 Eagle Hardware
Water Hose Pressure Gauge 200psi 1/4" $8.99 1 $8.99 Home Depot
1/2" Teflon Tape $0.96 2 $1.92 Eagle Hardware
1ft. 1" PVC pipe $0.37 1 $0.37 Eagle Hardware

Sub Total: $61.14

Total Cost: $82.12

That is the complete cost for the base unit of the IOD M01 air cannon. Pricing for the electrical battery box won't be posted until I find the majority of the receipts. The sad part, is that I know the battery box w/switches cost almost half of what the base unit cost is!

The schematic's for the electrical system will be posted as soon as I figure out what I did with them. Its not too complicated though. The relay could be omitted if you get a hold of a DPDT monetary switch, but I find the relay kind of cool! I originally wanted a DPDT switch but I couldn't find one when I needed the switches right away.

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