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D.Net Personal Proxy Log Compressor

Log Compressor - v1.0.4

This perl script will compress the RC5 and OGR block/node log files. The compression will match the sequence: email address -> ip addr -> os -> cpu -> version and add the block total for each match. Everything is then sorted by date/time. Just edit the included init file.

D.Net Client Unix/Linux Terminal Spawner

This version is old and I need to upload the newest version!

This package of scripts uses RSH to log in to specified (as many as you specify) Unix/Linux terminals and runs a script which checks user load, console, and remote logins. If the set parameters aren't meant (load to high, someone at console, too many remote logins), the script aborts and tries the next computer on the list. Now if the the parameters are reached, D.Net client is loaded on that terminal.

The README and README.CRONTAB explain this package a WHOLE lot better. So download and check it out!

D.Net Client Unix/Linux Terminal Spawner - Version: 1.0.6 - Released: 10/29/1999
Includes automated scripts for Sparc, UltraSparc, and X86 based terminals!

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